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Re: Samsung messed up the implementation

Lee Jay wrote:

Jostian wrote:

Lee Jay wrote:

Jostian wrote:

Lee Jay wrote:

Panino Manino wrote:

Can we agree that this thing is a disaster (the camera)?


It probably has the best main camera and certainly the best telephoto camera of any phone.

rubbish, the p30 pro beats it at 5X optical zoom

No way, no how.

The P30 pro has a 14.5mm lens with an 8MP sensor behind it with 1 micron pixels working out to 253 pixels per degree.

The S20 Ultra has a 19mm lens with a 48MP sensor behind it with 0.8 micron pixels working out to 415 pixels per degree.

your obsession that more pixels equals better IQ is just not fact!

Your pictures aren't the same size and the top one is out-of-focus.

no its not load the picture at full res from the site, you'll see.

I tested the Ultra's tele at 1:1 (10x), and it was pixel-sharp.

top crop is S20U bottom is P30P at 10X, if you are getting pixel sharp images using digital zoom, then you are the only one in the universe to get pixel sharp images using digital zoom, well done. To me they both do poorly, as is the norm with optical vs digital zoom. But hey, your S20U seems to have cracked the digital zoom conundrum.

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