Recommendations svp - best android photo phone

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Re: Recommendations svp - best android photo phone

Agree with Jostian. Huawei might overtake Apple in global phone sales so had to be stopped.  All the noise about customer service and so on is likely highly subjective and based on a small number of experiences - as they are not officially allowed to sell in the USA then they are hardly likely to have a proper customer service offer.

OP is in the UK, as am I.  No experience of customer service here  because I haven't had to use it,  the P10 was faultless as is the P30.  I dropped the P10 about 10ft/9m onto a concrete slab, cracked screen on one corner but still worked for a few months while I decided what to do.  My daughter has a P10 and before that used a much cheaper Y series for 2 or 3 years without problems.

I chose not to get a P30 pro simply because its a bit too big for my liking and at the time was expensive.  Personal thing.  You will be OK with the P30 and P30 pro, but the Mate 30 pro and presumably soon to arrive P40 won't have access to playstore after the Trump 'trade policy by tweet'  restrictions.  May not be an issue for you, for me the ability to connect to my car screen using Android Auto is important.  Not sure if Huawei's non playstore equivalent would be compatible .

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