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Re: Samsung messed up the implementation

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Can we agree that this thing is a disaster (the camera)?


It probably has the best main camera and certainly the best telephoto camera of any phone.

rubbish, the p30 pro beats it at 5X optical zoom

No way, no how.

The P30 pro has a 14.5mm lens with an 8MP sensor behind it working out to 253 pixels per degree.

The S20 Ultra has a 19mm lens with a 48MP sensor behind it working out to 415 pixels per degree.

, the Ultra did a bit better at 4X optical and no one cares about digital zoom which is a waste.

It's a waste on the P30 pro because it's only got that 8MP sensor. On the Ultra, 48MP is quite croppable.

The periscope camera on the S20 ultra wipes the floor with all others, and I've tested it myself and it's a solid performer.

Not only is the telephoto sensor just 8MP the display is a cheap

The S20 Ultra smartphone imagining platform has an Amazing quality OLED display that operates at 120Hz flicker free particuarly good for scrolling and gaming apps.

No single frequency 60Hz only for this display. For photography this display has great measured color matching test results (see below). This display is a big money item in S20 bill of materials along with the expensive 108MP sensor and the Qualcomm 865 processor and thos affect the retail cost and value of the smartphone. Quality sensors matter. TOF sensors are in Utra and they matter significantly for acheiving high performance AI capabilities.

Check out the Flagship Display Comparisons here:

This S20 Ultra display resolution is 3200 x 1440 (509dpi) and having 1440p interlacing available for video presentation. Your Huawei P30 display is only 2340 x 1080 (398 dpi). The Apple iPhone 11 pro is only surprising much lower in actual display resolution at 1792 X 828 (328dpi) and the P30 is better than Apple at this particular spec.

Don't get me wrong. The P30 does a great job at half the price and it works for you I think that is truly grea. It is good camera for the money and you may be able to find corner cases where it is better than others if you narrow them down enough but when it comes the big money items for a broad range of applications like display, image sensor, onboard computer chip, availble RAM and Flash storage, communications modem, the number and quality of sensing devices the S20 Utra is beyond rival.

Huawei P30 is a great and cost effective 108MP phone however Verizon is the best network for coverage over the entire United States if such things matter to you. Huawei P30 Pro is not compatible with Verizon GSM, Huawei P30 Pro is not compatible with Verizon HSDPA and compatible with Verizon LTE 50%. Huawei P30 Pro does not appear to be fully compatible with Verizon at this time. It will only support Verizon 4G LTE only in certain areas of United States.   I use the Verizon network and I want to use the full 5G capability as it rolls out.  This include tons of new bandwidth at mmWave frequencies which requires espensive special filters not available in may of the Huawei P30 on the Verizon Network and on many Unlocked or early generation 5G phones.   Working well on the Verizon Network matters to me but for many in the International market it is not important unless they visit the United States and travel around the US.

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