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Re: Samsung messed up the implementation

Lee Jay wrote:

Panino Manino wrote:

Can we agree that this thing is a disaster (the camera)?


It probably has the best main camera and certainly the best telephoto camera of any phone. It's just that the range between 1x and 4x isn't as good as it should be. But it's still better than the same range on the S10.

I totally disagree with it being a disaster as proposed by Panino Manino and totally agree with Lee Jay. It is a brilliant design of the first iteration of major new photographic direction in computational photograpy.  In the right hands it does a brilliant job but this first step just does not do every automatically or as automatic as I think I wish it would.

Every camera has good and bad points forums and pundits commonly dwell on the bad points.  Many times these issues that are discussed matter only at extremes on the fringes of typical usage and requirement for images.   Requirements make a big difference.   Some people want great pictures and others want a fully automatic simple to use reliable result camera.

The s20 ultra can give you easy to use good looking pictures over a wider zoom range with a better in camera camera display than prior smartphones.

All great camera designs require both great image production and ease of use to achieve that great imagery in important situations if the camera is to have large widespread commercial success.

The S20 Ultra provides a very nice user interface access to 108mp JPEG digital images of great quality for such a low cost and compact camer.   Few other smartphone or compact camera does that and they all use nearly the same Samsung image sensor chip.  These images may be post processed using computer editing sofware to suit the shooting situation in the eyes of the photographer skilled in computer editing.

The S20 Ultra provides easy access for creating automatic good out of the camera 12mp Jpeg images with highly competitive dynamic range and low shot noise over a industry leading zoom range of 0.5X to 100X while being competitive in image sharpness over this range.    These are capabilities inherent to the S20 Ultra hardware.   Every limitiation I might see in my preordered camera is associated with the preliminary version of software it ships with.  A new version of camera software is coming soon and it is likely that other will follow.

Third parties are likely to port their advanced flagship camera software on this solid 108mp Samsung platform and make their software available in the future.   The combination of good lenses, software accessible high resolution sensors, and powerful Qualcom 865 processor with good Android development tool is unmatched by the competition.

We are viewing a most powerful tool supporting an early turning point in the future of networked computational photography.  In addition it is a great fast robust interface phone with 5G supporting the important mmWave bands nessary for the future generations of global networks.

Yes Samsung messed up some little things and they are not perfect yet.   However, in comparison to what else is out there it is leagues ahead!

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