Is the D780 still a good camera in 2020?

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Re: Is the D780 still a good camera in 2020?

Mark Scott Abeln wrote:

OK, that is a joke.

What's not a joke is that the shutter on my D750, purchased in 2015, is starting to fail. At certain shutter speeds, a white arc is plainly visible in many photos:

I am very happy with my D750 so far. My question is, do I get the shutter repaired, and if so, how much would I expect to pay?

A lot less than a new camera 🙄🤔

Or are there clear advantages and disadvantages to something else? Something inexpensive, that is. I do have a lot of F mount lenses.

Back when I got the D750, it was clearly my best option at that price point, and I didn't need to even consider anything else. Nowadays, things are not quite so easy.

I mainly do architectural photography, and so fast frame rates and autofocus aren't needed for my kind of work.

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