Is the D780 still a good camera in 2020?

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Re: Is the D780 still a good camera in 2020?

Mark Scott Abeln wrote:

OK, that is a joke.

What's not a joke is that the shutter on my D750, purchased in 2015, is starting to fail. At certain shutter speeds, a white arc is plainly visible in many photos:

I am very happy with my D750 so far. My question is, do I get the shutter repaired, and if so, how much would I expect to pay?

Or are there clear advantages and disadvantages to something else? Something inexpensive, that is. I do have a lot of F mount lenses.

Back when I got the D750, it was clearly my best option at that price point, and I didn't need to even consider anything else. Nowadays, things are not quite so easy.

I mainly do architectural photography, and so fast frame rates and autofocus aren't needed for my kind of work.

I have a Nikon D750, and it is the first camera that I've had that I've thought . . . ok, if the shutter goes, I'm going to get this camera repaired.

All other cameras, I have thought . . . if this camera goes, I'll upgrade.

None of my cameras have ever failed (yet).

My Nikon D5100 is past 100,000 clicks and still going strong.

My Nikon D7000 hasn't even reached 14,000 clicks, if I remember correctly. I intend to use that camera more on vacations.

My Nikon D750 is up around 80,000 clicks. (Can you tell I like this camera! LOL.)

It is such a good camera, that I would pay to have it repaired.

It would just be a shame to dump the camera so soon.

And Nikon will only repair this model for so long before parts become unavailable.

So IMHO . . . if it needs to get fixed, have it fixed sooner than later.

Later, you might not be able to get it fixed.

Once it is fixed, it could serve you for a very long time.

Take care & Happy Shooting!

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