Samsung 16mm vs 20mm

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Re: Samsung 16mm vs 20mm

I own the 30, the 20-50, the PZ 16-50 and the 20.

I don't pixel peep, I kind of look for the different 'feel' of the pictures that come out of different lenses and cameras. Not sure how to put it, but the 20 gives me the most natural looking pictures, kind of like what I saw. I love the 30, the sharpness is outstanding, but still the 20 captures the scene how I saw it more. I found myself reaching for the 20 over the 30 many times. I use the 16-50 more often because of its versatility, yet my most used lens is the Canon 10-22 with the NX adapter.

I also prefer the output from the NX300 over that of the 500 for daytime pictures. To me there's more of a 3D feeling to them (I shoot jpeg and raw but just develop select pictures).

Not very scientific, I know, but that is how I always experienced photography, more by feel than by science.  The Ricoh GXR remains my favorite camera I have ever owned for that reason.

I recently bought the NX Mini with all lenses and that is what I'm using almost exclusively now when I reach for a Samsung. I just love the feel of the NX Mini output. The 17mm is phenomenal, very comparable to the 30 but with a different feel, and it has stabilization.

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