Samsung 16mm vs 20mm

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Re: Samsung 16mm vs 20mm

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Good prices! I think we're talking about different types of 'fast'! I meant the 16mm is faster than the 20mm in terms of widest aperture (f2.4 Vs f2.8). In that respect the 30mm is the fastest at f2.0.

But in terms of autofocus speed I'd have to agree that the 16mm is faster than the 30mm, but I'm not sure where the 20mm fits in.

Yes, when I meant fast it was about AF, not fast aperture. I know that the 20mm is in the bottom of the prime lenses, but I bought it for its cheap price and because the 20mm (APS-C) is 30mm (ff equivalent), closer to 28mm which is one of the best lenses for street photography. I'm planing to add the 16mm in my gear list as well.

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I'm hoping to pick one up at some point as well. You're right it's the ideal focal length.

Is there any Samsung lens that's capable of street videography?
Specifically: small body/lens combo to capture subjects unknowingly (candid).

The only pancake I own is fast 30mm f/2;

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