Gitzo 3 series vs 5 series systematics.

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Re: Gitzo 3 series vs 5 series systematics.

PGSanta wrote:

Trying to make up my mind between a Gitzo 5543ls, 3543, or 4553.

This will be a dedicated landscape tripod, and I'm also interested in dabbling in some longer than normal long exposure stuff. The heaviest thing I’d put on one right now is a 70-200 and a full frame body.

Height wise I’d like 54 inches or higher. I have a dedicated travel tripod, so I don’t really need it to be compact, but it is something I will hike with.

I had decided on the 5543, but I’m starting to think it’s overkill and I’d be better off with the more flexible (pun intended) 4553, or a 3 series.

Curious if anyone has been in a similar spot, and if they regretted the 5 series or vice versa.

Personally I’d be happy with a 3 series (Long version) systematic for that and more. Oh, I am! Never regretted it.

But worth noting that the head is perhaps even more critical for stability and good working performance than the legs.

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