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Re: Recommendations svp - best android photo phone

MattieUK wrote:

My phone mic has just given up so I'm in the market for a new phone, and thought I'd look for a phone with a decent camera for once - my old Land Rover/Bullitt phone was rugged but the camera pretty hopeless.

I've not really followed this market, so any advice for decent phones with good cameras gratefully received - I'm keen not to break bank so around £500 as a budget, and I'd prefer something relatively compact but not that fussed by specs otherwise (assuming all would have decent screens and bluetooth for music etc). I'd prefer android as an OS though.

(I'm quite partial to Sony phones so would look very favourably on any Xperia models, however I've heard mixed things about them )

Xperias have always had poor processing, the new 1 and 5 are better with Sony having sorted out the processing but both are above $500.

Huawei have the best IQ and if you could get your hands on a P20 Pro (think you can still find them new) you'd be well pleased IQ wise, they also has really great battery life and are well built, getting used to the slightly different EMUI 'skin' they use over Android takes a bit of time to get used to but after a few days you'll have no issues. Samsung S9 range is another option but the IQ cannot match watch you can get from the P20 Pro, the S9 range is very nicely built though. Those are your best options IQ wise.

Or you may want to try a XZ2 or XZ3 from Sony, their IQ is not bad (not on the level of the Xperia 1 or 5) but better than previous Xperia's, Xperia phones are always well built to, so you have some choices. Go to and compare a few to see.

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