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Re: Samsung messed up the implementation

Lee Jay wrote:

I tried an S20 ultra. Here's the thing.

The "1x" location is a 12MP downsampling of the main camera's 108MP sensor.

The "2x" location is a 12MP upsampling of the center 3MP of the 1x's downsampling - stupid.

The "4x" location is a 12MP downsampling of the telephoto camera's 48MP sensor.

So, the 4x image is drastically superior to the 2x. The reason they don't sample the full 108MP for the range between 1x and 4x escapes me.

That sounds like a terrible approach.

I haven't read through the whole thread as some posts got extremely lengthy and veered into the esoteric, but is it not possible to simply select which of the three camera modules you want to use?

With my LG V20 you select the little icon with one tree for the main camera, and you select the little icon with three trees for the wide angle camera. You can use pinch motions to zoom and let the phone automatically switch between modules in the background, but you can also select them directly.

If the S20 does not allow direct access to the various cameras, then I would be looking for a different camera app that does away with all the fake zooming.


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