Switching from D800 to D500 ??

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Re: Switching from D800 to D500 ??

doner_man wrote:

Hi folks!

Its been a year since i bought a D800 as my first DSLR. Before that i only shot film. I bought the D800 because it was a good deal, FF and clean without really knowing much about it. After getting into the digital realm i found out that i really enjoy shooting aircraft or birds and general action; i only do portraits of my friends/family with a nifty fifty and i don’t think i would get something different for portraiture. In a recent airshow i chatted with some fellow photographers about some tips and tricks and figured out that many of them use APS-C cameras (when paired with stuff like 150-600 they become a reach beast). The people who didn’t use crop bodies were either the guys with bridge cameras or the people who had exotic tele lenses. I have got mainly two problems with my D800, one being the AF and the other being the frame rate. I can only shoot up to 4 fps in FF and 5fps in DX crop, shooting planes which are performing some sharp aerobatics i really lose some shots because of this. Also in such cases the AF just gives up on focusing as the planes get very thin in profile that it can’t detect it to focus. I am also having a reach problem but i can generally crop to get some more reach thanks to the 36mp sensor on the D800.

I found a D500 in the local market with 6k shutter actuations and in clean condition. I was thinking about trading in my D800 for it in order to get better reach, better AF, higher continuous fps. I have some questions:

1- As i have only shot full frame (film and my D800) to this day i am a bit skeptical about APS-C cameras. What is different about APS-C sensors when compared to FF sensors other than the sensor size? I have heard that they are a tiny bit lacking in IQ, sharpness and DOF department but i have no first hand experience to decide.

2- If i go with the D500 would i miss the FF?

3- As far as i can tell the D500 can do everything that the D800 does and can do some stuff which the D800 can’t do at all. Are there any hidden cons of the D500?

4- The autofocus and the frame rate of the D500 really attracts me despite the crop sensor. I believe the only two cameras where i can achieve somewhat same/better AF and Fps with a FF sensor are the D850 and the D5 which are both way over my budget. I thought about getting a D300s but it would Be just old tech with higher fps. D300s is not favored but it is still an option.

Also looking at the trading side of the matter, i believe the D500 would hold its value for quite some more time where as the D800 will go just lower and lower. I will have to add a bit more to get the D500 in the trade but i think if i were to upgrade from the D500 i would be in a better position as it is both newer and “better”.

What are your thoughts?

Switched from d800 to d750 5 yrs ago and haven't looked back. Cant speak for d500.

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