50mm 1.4G vs 58mm 1.4G

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Re: 58mm 1.4G is magic

Currantos wrote:

I have run into this problem lately as I have experimented with shallow DoF, the subject gets this razor sharp dark outline around them and is so separated from the background, which is very blurry that one gets images that look like not so good composites, like photoshop cut-outs.

Is that something some lenses, like the 58mm are able to overcome?

Any other lenses can do that?

I played around with a rental copy of 58mm for two days, really enjoyed it, but at the time did not notice that property and can't afford it anyways, so currently not able to take advantage of that.

Would love to hear more about that.

I am absolutely not a technical genius or an optical engineer. All I know is that indeed the transitions with that particular lens feel substantially smoother than with other lenses of that focal length. It is not only more "steps" between sharp and unsharp, but also a variation in contrast (or micro contrast, I have no idea): the subject is contrasty, the background is more even toned, not just blurred. So the main subject does stand out, but with depth. It works in portraits, it works also beautifully with subjects like flowers, still life, etc.

I shared an informal portrait earlier, here is a snapshot that I feel also illustrates the points above. No lighting setup, no PP (raw developed in auto mode in Apple Photos).

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