Advice - Canon or Lumix?

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Re: Advice - Canon or Lumix?

There is no doubt you could be happy with either system, but three major things led me to choose an M50 over a G85 or G9.

1. Panasonic's native 4:3 format for pictures and video is less than ideal for my purposes and I could never get as comfortable with it as 3:2. Cropping the Panasonic to 3:2 reduces again the usable image.

2. The color shift, even in raw is significantly different. It may not be as bad as older Panasonics, but it is still an issue for me.

3. If the Gx9 had a more friendly EVF, it might just have still won me over, but the G85/9 size is considerable. It is quite a bit bigger than an M50 or M6 and the only significant differences are IBIS and 4K. See the comparison. SIZE COMPARISON

If you are ok with these, then the Panasonic is a fantastic camera and system.

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