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Re: DSLR/mirrorless just for vlogging

blackstrat wrote:

Hi all

I have a Sony A600 since 2015, it's a great mirrorless camera, I use it for photos and astrophoto timelapses, BUT the lack of a full tiltable screen it's awful while vlogging.

I used to place a portable mirror behind the camera to see where is pointing to, but it's a makeshift solution. I spend a lot of time filming, stopping the recording, turning the camera, playing to see what have been recorded, turning back the camera, adjusting it, recording again....

Now I want to film me more seriously and more frequently, so I need a full tiltable screen. I'm tired of spending more time finding the right shot, rather than filming me.

So I'm searching a new DSLR/ML camera to use it just for vlogging at home. I have no intention of reselling the Sony A6000, I'll continue use it for photos and timelapses because I love its photo performances and the compact size.

Another Sony camera it's out of question, because even on the A7 and A7R DSLRs, the tilt screen is similar to my A600. The A6400 and the A5100 only flip the screen to 180°.

The Nikon DSLRs are not so good for videos, due to AF slowness and noises. Moreover, with the exceptions of some particular models like the D5300, most of the Nikon have a fixed screen. Not tiltable or flipable at all.

My main choice seems to be a Canon. I see a lot of new models like 200D, 250D, M50, with dual pixels AF that promise to be superfast, but I'm out of DSLRs/mirrorless market from years, so I have a lot of confusion.

I condesidered the Lumix G7 from Panasonic and the Canon G7 MKII also, two classics for vlogging, but how about their AF performances? Are they reliable? Are they noisy?

I will use it 100% of time at home, while playing guitars, keyoboards, bass, so no outdoor use.

I'm not searching the 4K at all costs, because it will slow down my videoediting workflow. Even if this new camera has 4K, I'll shot at 1080p to have smaller videos and keep the rendering times as low as possible.

Just a high video quality and a fast and realiable AF system. 500-600$ maximum budget (less is better)..

Any other advices is welcome. For example, I realized I didn't consider Olympus or Fuji...

Thanks a lot for help.

the latest Canon mirrorless models should be good for vlogging -  M50, M6ii  etc  but good lenses may go over the budget

I use the older Canon M5 mirrorless


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