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Thanks very very much for your help!!!

They look the same to me too. So it is doing scene detection and won't trigger the night mode process when the lighting is bright.

And yeah in night mode it captures more frames and does more complex processing to imporve the image quality. Maybe samsung thinks in daylight the image quality is good enough so no need to waste the additional time and battery, haha

I took some more pictures at Twilight (24 hour time: 1917 & 1918) (picture numbers #0-#2) then 40 minutes later after it was dark (24 hour time:1952-1954)(pictures numbers #3-#7). These all can be found at the same link as my earlier night shot tests link: You will see the #0 through # 7 at the end of the corresponding file names. The file date and 24 time is also in the files just prior to these numbers.

#0 is a picture in standard mode when there was twilight still

Normal Model shot at 1917, Twilight

The #1 was shot at 1917 ten second after #0 but in Night Mode

Night Mode shot at 1917 , Twilight with my finger on the bottom for reference of Night Mode operation

The #2 is a second night mode shot at nearly the same time just after #1

Twilight 1917 Night Mode Shot without finger showing

The #3 is a third Twilight Night mode shot

Third Night Mode shot at Twiligh

The #4 through #7 are four shots at 1952 in the dark forty minutes later

#4 Night Mode shot in darkness

#5 Night Mode shot in darkness

#6 Night Mode shot in darkness

#7 Night Mode shot in darkness

The pictures taken at Twilight have more detail but look quite similar to each other and the pictures take in darkness were improved to see some the detail I could barely see or not see with my naked eye. The trees were very dark in the darkness to my eye but there was a dim glow of light in the sky behind them from the setting sun over the horizon and from the city lights beneath that section of sky.

just a pity Samsung have moved to a more processed (smeary, waxy look) than what they had previously, really hope they dial it back in future updates.

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