D5600 ok button activates live view

Started Mar 7, 2020 | Questions thread
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Re: D5600 ok button activates live view

DaptC wrote:

An update-

Got my Camera back from service center. Nikon was super-quick (one working day). The diagnosis was PCB failure. I am suspecting that the damage was caused by Godox flash. In a hurry, I had mounted the flash with both camera and flash switched on. Does anybody have similar experience of Godox flash frying the PCB? Didn't have to pay a penny thanks to warranty. Next time I won't be so lucky!

Also came to know that parts are not getting shipped from China (atleast to India). So, if the local center doesn't have stock, be prepared for a long delay.

Thanks for the update.

Good to know that was covered by warranty.

I use a Nikon SB 400 speed light regularly. Sometimes withe the light switched on when I insert the light in the hot shoe. I don't know if your Godox is any different from the SB 400.

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