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Re: My own comparison

In some places Nikon & Canon list the horizontal field of view and in spec others they show the diagonal. I looked through a camera with a 24mm lens and it looks similar to the phone at 1X but there are various aspect ratios as you point out. I chose to compare the cameras default 3:4 aspect ratio but was not at certain.

The 24mm has a 73mm field view according to my Nikon list and 24mm was the closest match for 79 degrees FOV for the common Nikon 35mm lenses listed. Given all the uncertainty considering that I did not know how Samsung spec "standard" field of view was defined (3:4 ,9:16, 1:1, Full(2.2:1) ) I had not expectation of great accuracy so I was not concerned about small differences and went with the standard common Nikon lens focal length that was generally closest as the best alternative.

Looking into it from your argument for using the diagonal of a 4:3 aspect ratio and I find your calculation compelling so I do agree that 28mm is the likely 35mm equivalent.

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