D500 high ISO with Topaz DeNoise AI

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Re: D500 high ISO with Topaz DeNoise AI So, my silly question

EricK214 wrote:

FredInMN1 wrote:

Does Topaz Ai only work on JPEGs, or Nikon NEF's, or others DNGs, also ? Thanks !

I can work with the ,NEF files right it of the camera, which I do before doing post in LR. You can also do all you post first and export to .jpeg and open the.jpeg in topaz and do your nose reduction.

I like running it through Topaz first. I don't like making more work for Topaz by doing my post and sharpening the noise. So I reduce the nose first and then do my post afterwards.

I start with adjusting color, white balance, crop etc. in the .nef file in LR,  but then move the sharpening and noise sliders to  zero (I created a preset for that) before editing in the Topaz AI Clear module. It's what Topaz suggests to do to get the best result. I find it doesn't seem to work as well on a .jpeg file.

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