No love for the 35mm f1.8?

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Re: No love for the 35mm f1.8?

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It's an excellent lens and its only fault is that it has been overshadowed by other awesome Z lenses. However, I did not hesitate to sell my previously excellent Sigma Art 35 mm f1.4 when I got the Nikon Z 35 mm f1.8

Is it good for landscapes and night street photography?

It's better than Sigma for landscapes but worse, I guess, for night street photography where you need all the speed you can have. I guess no one can answer this question but you. Is f/1.8 enough for you? Then 35S will be a good option with less vignetting and better corner performance. And much smaller and lighter.

In general, choosing a S-line lenses vs their rivals is a choice of f/1.8 vs really big difference in size and weight. If you need f/1.4 no matter what and you're ready that lens only will weight about 0.8-1kg (with adapter) - well, S is not for you. If f/1.8 is enough, there's no better choice than S. I really wanted f/1.4 lenses when I switched to Z6, cause of DoF, you know But after all discussions and thoughts I realized that setup of, say, Z6+FTZ+A35+A85 will weight about 2.7 kgs. While Z6+35S+85S weights about 1.5kgs. I just won't take bag as heavy as that with me most of the times and I will stop enjoying photography. And if you take a tripod or a gimbal with you, it'll come to unreasonable 4.5 kgs or even more. I definitely don't want to carry that much weight.

So, it's a question of compromises. As always.

Well I used to have a f1.4 lens on my ex-xt3, meaning same light as a FF f1.4 (though iso sensitivity is a bit darker) but equivalent of a f2 for DOF, I think for light + relatively fast shutter speed an f1.8 is enough for me, as for DOF it will be an improvement over the apsc f1.4

What about onion rings? Is it as bad as DPR said or you won't see them unless you pixel peep? Franckly I have found the ones from the 24-70 f4 pretty good, not the best but not bad

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