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Lee Jay wrote:

RDM5546 wrote:

The 108mp main sensor for normal 24-110mm field of view (in the 35mm equiv)

This is a misleading statement. It's a fixed focal length lens of 26mm equivalent (7mm actual - look at your own EXIF data). All the rest is done by cropping and processing of the 108MP image taken by the sensor behind that lens. If you're outputting 12MP images, the cropping reaches 1:1 at 78mm-equivalent. Beyond that, it's up-resing from the sensor.

I errored in my representation of a normal 35mm field of view being 24-110. But i find 78mm equivalent not likely right either If the12 million (4000x3000) pixels in the middle of the 108 million (12000x9000) pixel sensors are are used this would be a 3X zoom or a 72mm equivalent not 78 mm.

I am not sure exactly where the switching between cameras occurs.  It is possilbe that the 48mp telephoto camera could be better quality for this 3X zoom providing the software supports this switching to the sensor with the best image potential at a given focal length and the focal length of the telephone is selected with consideration for that field of view.

Pressing the Icon for 1 tree corresponds to 5X but is 5X where the switching occurs?  If it is the the switch point of the first view with the telephoto camerawould at a field of view of 5X24mm or 120mm and the highest zoom using the normal camera would be a little less or approximately 110mm.  Buy you are right I was just guessing.  How did you estimate it to be 24-78mm equivalent?  Did you find the range written somewhere in a specification?

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