Some calibrated-diffuser insect shots

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Some calibrated-diffuser insect shots

A recent discussion led me to think more carefully about my diffusers, and specifically about whether they are producing a problematic colour cast. It turns out that they are, and it varies a lot between diffuser setups. It also turns out to be fairly straightforward to deal with, with (for my images at least, and to my eye) clear benefits in terms of image quality. I have written this up in a post titled Calibrating diffusers.

These images are taken from a session in our garden I used to test a new approach which takes into account the colour cast produced by the diffusers I am currently using for medium sized invertebrates.

The images were captured hand-held with a 2012 vintage 12 megapixel small (1/2.3") sensor Panasonic FZ200 bridge camera which I purchased recently for around 80 UKP, with a Venus Optics KX800 manual twin flash, using autofocus and an aperture equivalent to f/45 on full frame. The last image used a Raynox 250 close-up lens. The others used a Raynox 150. These images are taken from this album at Flickr.




#4 This one was not in good focus and has one of the wings clipped by the edge of the frame, but I thought it was unusual enough to keep anyway. I have used Topaz Sharpen AI with the "Stabilize" setting to try to reduce the impact of the lack of good focus.





Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ200
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