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kalpachev wrote:

I have a few questions to the S 20 Ultra owners:


Can someone confirm how bad is the auto focus at the moment (for a video shooting, for example faces etc.) ?


I know it can shoot RAW, but hearing that it is only 12MB, only from the main camera. Is this true ?

3. Do you think the software update will be able to solve the AF issue ?

I am currently looking for new phone and not sure between S20 Ultra / Oppo Find X2 Pro / Huawei P40 Pro

Thank you.

I own the S20 Ultra.

1. The auto focus not as good as a DSLR but it works in most cases.  For some cases you have to touch the touch the subject using the touch screen.  Even DSLRs need help like this sometimes.  In low light it maybe could be made better with modifies software which considers the light level and for extreme macro cases this is also probably true.  I doubt the other cameras you are consider are much better overall.  It has worked for video for me but I do not use that much.  It does look for faces.  My DSLRs look for eyes.

2. The current software coming with the camera can only export RAW for 12mp images.

The 108mp main sensor for normal 24-110mm field of view (in the 35mm equiv) can operated either as a 108mp sensor or a special hardware binning circuit can aggregate 3x3 arrays of pixels to create a 12mp sensor where the aggregated pixels are 9X bigger is surface area with 3X theoretical lower RMS shot noise in the sensor. So you have a good set of options at a given ISO.  Either 12mp low noise and dynamic range or 108mp very high resolution.   The 108mp images will require 40 megabytes of storage per JPEG while the same image may require only 5 megabytes in the 12mp format.   When the full frame is viewed on your TV or computer screen both 108mp and 12mp images will look the same.  Niether will look sharper or lower noise.  However the computer drive storage will be very much different (i.e. 5 vs 40 MB) .

The reason than I might want to shoot images in the 108mp format is that when using the the computer in post processing using photo editing software the larger format images will look better when cropping the images to make a new picture contain only a small part of the original image.   For example if you take a 108mp photo of an entire care on the roadway you might want to create a picture of a small part of this scene such as create a picture containing  just the license plate  of the car.  Image of the license plate from the 108mp format would be much clearer than had the 12mp formate been used.  This cropped 108mp pixel image might allow you read the numbers on the plate while the 12mp image cropped for the license plate only would have obscured and made unreadable the numbers.   Zooming is on small parts of the picturewill be different  with the two formats.  However, if you keep the entire orginal image whole both images will look the same and you will wasting storage space with the larger format.

It is correct what you say about storing and exporting the RAW files.   The S20ultra software included with the purchase of the camera only offers this RAW exporting for the  lower shot noise 12mp binned images and does not support exporting of the higher resolution 108mp files.     However, I believe third party software such as gcam than can be side loaded from the internet can be used to export full resolution raw images from a few of the sensors.   There appears a gcam version for the S20 available on the internet but I have not yet sideloaded it.

3.  There is not one smoking gun AF issue but many small ones.  AF works much of time but the exception are what you see in the reviews. Reviewers want clicks so they do extreme tests.   There are color issues and smearing issues that are not in big, complex to use  $10,000 DSLRs for professional photographers.   Of course I want my smartphone to be as good as the professional cameras but this probably not going to happen this year or next.   Twenty years from now, who knows?

I do think Samsung will improve their software with updates they send out and that some of these will fix some of the AF, color, or smearing to be as good the best other brands.   While it fixs some of the things I like but it will not all that I might like.    Right now the S20 ultra camera blows away my three year old S8 in nearly every way.   I like my new smartphone a bunch but I still going complain about what they need to fix next.

I am a happy owner and a half full not half empty guy.  That is the way I roll.

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