D500 to D780! Upgrade or Sideways Move!!

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Re: D500 to D780! Upgrade or Sideways Move!!

JMD-70 wrote:

JasonTheBirder wrote:

I would not upgrade. If my D500 died I would buy another D500. If I wanted a full-frame body I'd probably go the D750 route or a Z6.

Don't get me wrong. It seems like the D780 would be a fine camera, but its upgrades from the D750 don't feel compelling to me.

Isn't a D780 just a "Z6" in a DSLR body????

Minus the sensor stabilization which is one thing that I wish it had.  Plus having those features available in the viewfinder can be a big help for certain types of shooting.

But the big question to your OP is what specifically do you find lacking about the D500?  How is it limiting your photography?

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