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Lee Jay wrote:

These are cropped to match the FOV, and they were taken in a store so not a controlled test, but the processing on the Ultra's main camera seems terrible compared to the S20's telephoto camera with the same pixel size. The Ultra's telephoto is good.

Since the Ultra main and S20 telephoto have the same pixel size but the Ultra's main camera has more focal length (7mm vs 5.9mm) and aperture (3.9mm vs 2.9mm), it should out-resolve the S20's telephoto. But it doesn't. The 19mm telephoto on the Ultra is substantially better than the 5.9mm telephoto on the S20 when ultimate resolving power is desired.

The F-number of a lens is the ratio of its focal length divided by the diameter of the aperture.   Smaller F numbers than three commonly are more difficult to build with good quality than large F.   For example, given everning thing else equal a F2.8 lens shot wide open will be sharper than an F1.4 lens shot wide open.    These probably are low cost injected plastic lenses with very simple coatings.  It is amazing to me that they work as well as they do.  I expect the S20 to be in every way less in critical performance than the S20+ or S20 Ultra because it targeted for the lowest entry cost into the S20 family.  There are some conflicting performance critera such as low light, resolution, color rendition, ad bokeh which can make the design for the optimum to be conflicted with the usage scenario.  I do not know how elements these lenses have I would that would a factor too. I have used mostly the main camera of the S20 Ultra  at the wide end (1X) and the pictures are nicer than my S8 took but not every picture is a keeper.   I am more bothered by the color and smearing than the resolution which seems to be pretty good.   I think I am not about to stop using my DSLRs because they make better pictures but they are not handy to carry for some of my usage.

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