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Re: So, this is weird

My S20 Ultra camera takes pictures that look closer to your S20 64MP images than your S20 Ultra.

As a wild first guess it looks like poor AF performance in dim light. What is the ISO, speed, focal length, and fstop these Ultra pictures were shot at. Mine is a wild guess because, I have very few quantitative facts to base my guess on thous. The S20 Ultra is not an excellent dim light camera except when using the Night mode shootig with its limitations. I have seen on the S20 Ultra AI image processing problems in dim light with smearig and overcorrection but never a blurry out of focus look like you have.  I have seen some slow focussing in dim light doing macrophotography.

I show you below an example picture I took using my S20 Ultra in the 3x3 binned 12MP mode on the 108MP camera without flash in moderately dim light. The focus worked I think in this image. I have not seen what you are showing in my first few hundred shots.

An indoor picture taken without flash

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