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Lee Jay wrote:

RDM5546 wrote:

Lee Jay wrote:

I just went and tested two S20s and two Ultras and found something really odd.

The S20's Ultra's main 108MP camera produces lousy images at 108MP when examined at 1:1, partly due to over-processing and partly due to apparent motion blur (these were at 1/1250th). It's odd looking so it could be focus issues rather than motion blur (honestly, it looks like a mix).

The S20's telephoto 64MP camera produces pretty good images at 64MP when examined at 1:1.

The weird thing is, they both have 0.8 micron pixels. The 108MP sensor is a Samsung and the 64MP sensor is a Sony. I doubt the sensor quality is the difference but it could be part of it. It looks like all software, as if Samsung developed entirely different software for their own sensor than they did for the Sony sensor.

What 64mp camera, I think you migh mean the 48mp camera?

No. The image files are 9248x6236 = 64,144,128 pixels. As highlighted above, I'm talking about the S20/S20+ telelphoto, not the 48MP periscope from the Ultra.

You are right. It was my mistaked interpreting your description of "two S20s and two Ultras " which I interpreted wrongly as being just cameras I know nothing about the S20 or S20+ . I only own the S20 Ultra which allows you to get the 108mp normal range camera (Samsung calls this 108mp camera in the S20 Ultra the wide angle camera but it appears to cover 24-120mm 35mm equival focal lengths which I would call normal) .

I see that you are saying the S20 ultra normal lens outputing 108mp is worse looking than the S20 64mp telephoto and you can see the image files are 64mp by array size.

I have not found a way to take 48mp images with the S20 Ultra telephoto lens. When I zooming using successive pincing motion the touch screen I can not go above 6.0X by further pincing motions. If I engage the telephone lens using the single tree icon at the bottoms of these screen it jumps to 5.0X and I can zoom by pinching to 100X.

However the technique that I use to output the unbinned image from the 108mp sensor is by changing 3:4 icon at the top of the screen and selecting the 3:4/108MP icon on the extreme left side of the list of five alternative image shape icons.

This does not work when using the telephoto camera. When the  camera is set at 10X  or 30x it is using the telephoto camera and  when the 3:4/108MP icon shape alternative appears in the list of shape icon selecting it causes the zoom factor to change from the telephote camera and 10X ot 30X and reture to 1.0X which is using 108mp sensor.  There is no shape icon available when using the telephoto camera for 3:4/48MP operation like the 3:4/108MP works for the 108mp camera.

I do not know how to output a telephoto camera JPEG that is unbinned like I can for the 108mp sensor.

I gather the S20 software is different than S20 Ultra and you have a way in the S20 of outputting the unbinned telephoto 60mp files. I wish I could output the unbinned 48mp telephoto camera image in the S20 ultra.

Thank you for posting all your good information.  I would love to get the files of youf good S20 and bad S20 ultra unbinned images so that might see the differences in quality myself.  Can you provide me link to these two images. I am interested.

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