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Re: Samsung S20 ultra comparison

teemodk wrote:

Lee Jay wrote:


Here is a real world comparison. Same sensor, same camera, different use of the sensor. I think the images speak for themselves.

Left to right: 12mp binned and gcam processed - 48mp gcam processed - 48mp raw (gcam).

WOW!! This is an amazing picture from 108M sensor in the S20 Utra. It very convincing than the original 12p binned is not as good as the other two.

I must apologise that I am not familiar with gcam or gcam processing. I assume the image on the left is a cropped image from a Samsung rear 108mp camera configured to create a 12mp standard 3x3 binned image such as those the Samsung standard camera app creates.

I know how to create a 108mp JPEG image using the standard Samsung camera app but the largest image I can make in RAW mode is 12mp. In the Samsung app I do this by turning the raw on/off switch in preference to the ON position. Then I have to use pro mode of the app to get this RAW switch to work. While in the camera app's pro mode I can not select a format large that 12mp.

I am thinking this 48mp saving of a raw image in some attribe of gcam. I need to learn more about gcam and easiest way to sideload it on my Samsung S20 Ultra.

Can you have both gcam and the Samsung Camera app installed on you phone at one time?   I want to be able to use both apps.

How would you recomend to the the install the easier way?

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