Preparing for lockdown - what are your plans to have a life?

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Preparing for lockdown - what are your plans to have a life?

Given that we are all going on viral lockdown, it makes sense to plan ahead with some activities that might stop us from going completely and utterly bonkers.

My emergency solution is to splash out on new photography tools, even if I can only use them in a smallish back garden. After all, for the immediate future, funds will not now be spent on sundry other activities. I am, somewhat recklessly by my usual standards, upgrading to a capability that I have never had previously. My challenge during the lockdown: can I improve my skills to justify the outlay? Today my new Oly 300mm F4 arrived.

So, on a dry, mild, but cloudy early spring day, into the garden in search of a target, any sort of target. I eventually found this little spider (circa 1.5 mm) busy with laying its silk on a sprouting rose leaf. Just about managed to get a focussed image. A bit later, the mini-beast chose to launch itself into the ether. There was a gust of wind (which the spider might have been waiting for, but how would I know?) I desperately tried to capture it swinging on its silk in the wind. After these three shots, it suddenly flew off upwards in the wind! Is this how baby spiders decide to relocate to pastures anew?

Tiny spider on budding rose leaf

Spider leaps into the abyss, but held by a silk thread

Tiny spider swinging on two silk threads

The third image is only included to reveal the second silk thread attached to the spider. I could not autofocus on the wee thing, so used manual focus at the lens’s minimum focus distance for these three images. So far, I am happy with the lens that I have only had for one day. Whether my photographic skills improve or not during lockdown, is an open question, but at least I have something to focus on (sic) during the next few weeks.

How about you? What are your lockdown plans?

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