I managed to light up the AF point/s on my A99II at all times !

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Re: I managed to light up the AF point/s on my A99II at all times !

Clyde Thomas wrote:

LFCFanatic wrote:

I realised using AF Range Control helps lit up the chosen AF point in yellow. ALWAYS!

Not quite always. With screw drive lenses, it only works in AF-C. DMF won't light up the AF points with screw drivers. The SSM lenses seem to allow lighting up AF points regardless of AF mode selection. I can't speak for other AF modes. I only use AF-C and DMF.

Also won't work in video. Things like changing lenses, switching from wide area AF back to spot selection, and a few odd control selections and menu dives, changes in drive mode selections... Some combos of these things can cause the AF Range Control to disengage without warning.

I wish it were a fixed control. It's a very nice and helpful workaround.

Almost always then lol.

How do you go about using DMF? It's something I never use. I set the lens function button to AF/MF toggle if I need to use MF.

I use AF-S at all times and switch to AF-C only when needed. I mounted my screw driven 85mm ZA and use AF-S and the AF points lit up. What lens did you try the method on?

When I shoot video with the camera, I use MF all the way. Fixed f3.5 P Mode or jamming the aperture lever in the lens to shoot wide open for the sake of AF in video is just not very appealing to me. Even if I were to use AF in video, it will likely be wide for focus area + face recognition so seeing & selecting AF points is a non issue.

Generally when I shoot in fast paced events I leave both cameras on always so it doesn't really disengage. Also, with the number of custom buttons and custom modes, I really don't need to dive into menu that often. Regardless, I've tried to go into menu and go back to shooting mode and the AF points are still lit up after pressing C2 twice upon powering up the camera. Nevertheless, there's a reason why I put AF Range Control in C2 so that it's convenient to engage it.

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