More R5 details from Canon

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Re: More R5 details from Canon

1Dx4me wrote:

thunder storm wrote:

There's enough processing power available in this camera, which is promising for AF-performance.

Unfortunately it will be out of budget for me.

do you or anyone else knows what the retail price of R5 is? i didn't see the retail price in the report!

I got my outlet model R for 1700 euro, and the R5 will be 3000 euro at least, that's for sure. Maybe 3500, maybe 4000, or 4500, but even 3000 euro is out of budget for me. Actually i would be better served with a M5mkII with IBIS and AF like the M6mkII at around 1500 euro, as i can mount my sigma f/1.8 zooms on that one, and use the R with bright primes for cases full frame has a true benefit over aps-c.

I understand full frame + f/2.8 zooms are better, but hey, 1500 euro for the camera only or 3000 at least + 5000 for RF zooms = 8000 euro, or, + second hand EF for 3000 = still 6000 euro.

i think there is too much emphasis on video in R5, which i (and many others) couldn't care less. this video hoopla has probably added significant part of the retail price of R5.

I agree. They should cripple those video specs to create an affordable stills camera ;).

(Canon just can't do the right thing, they are either crippling too much or not enough   )

i am really excited about fully articulated viewing screen, though. thanks, canon.

I'm done with that subject, sorry, to many posts about that for me. Not your fault of course.

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M for zooms, RF for primes

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