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Re: 40MP camera

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elroyie wrote:

Alexander Rosenwald wrote:

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It seems from this latest specs that the R5 is going to have a 40mp sensor, in this way the 8K video would be the sensor width without any additional process.

40 MP would not be enough for 8k. The sensor is 4:3 but 8k is 16:9. You need nearly 45 MP on a 4:3 sensor for 8k.

For 8K you need a width of 7680 pixels, now you can do the math...

Unless Canon will choose different resolution for 8K.

7680 or 8192.

In case of 8192 it should be about 45...

yes that's why there's two numbers being bandied about 40 or 45MP .. depends on the video width, which could be either of those two numbers.

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