32" or 34" 4K IPS Monitor

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Re: 32" or 34" 4K IPS Monitor

I just bought Dell U3219Q it and my main concern was flickering reported on Rtings review. I'm however very happy to announce that it IS 100% flicker-free (as advertised by Dell).

I did a simple test:

Prepare black screen with 1px wide vertical line in the middle. Set camera (RX100 v1) to manual mode (iso 200, F2.5, manual focus) with exposure 1/25. Quickly drag camera horizontally and shoot while dragging.

Flickering is clearly present on my cheap Samsung 2253LW: https://ibb.co/2PkzLFX

On U3219Q gray rectangle is perfectly even so light has the same intensity throughout the shot (brightness at 30%): https://ibb.co/J3bYQmn

If it had 200 HZ pwm at 1/25 of a second there should be exactly 8 brighter and darker vertical areas evenly distributed over gray rectangle.

Otherwise it's top notch monitor! Picture is great, and connectivity is awesome (I have 3 computers connected). The only thing I notice is harsh color bleeding, but I'm not using it in the dark room. Perfect monitor for a coder like my self!

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