Quick Flash Compensation Changes?

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Re: Quick Flash Compensation Changes?

Jocksa wrote:

So from what you've described, you've got a slave flash unit set to manual being triggered by the camera's built in flash and you're using custom setting E3 to adjust to power of the built in flash (that's what E3 does).

E3 is flash control, rather than compensation. I say this not to be picky but because it explains why I made my first suggestion.

Most people use TTL flash for everyday so I don't think you can even assign it to the Fn button.

Just out of interest, can I ask why you don't use TTL?

Yes to you checklist. E3 does have a feature to adjust the flash compensation levels when you use the built-in flash in Commander Mode.

The reason I need to manually adjust my flash output is because I do interior photography with bright windows. I set the window exposure and then adjust the flash to fill in the rest of the room as best as possible. In small rooms 1/1 power is waay too much and typically can be dialed down to 1/4. TTL doesn't provide me with that flexibility.

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