Interview with Yamaki-san with FFF update

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Re: Interview with Yamaki-san with FFF update

SigmaChrome wrote:

LaMeule wrote:

SigmaChrome wrote:

A very interesting interview. Mr Yamaki talks about the origins of the fp camera design and the development of Foveon Full Frame [Hybrid] camera and sensor. It's really not clear what he means by "hybrid" design.

Edit: After re-reading the article, I get the distinct impression that the forthcoming Sigma FFF Hybrid camera is intended to be video capable. This indicates to me that at least some of the battery/power management issues have been addressed. Here's hoping!

It's in French .

Google Translated here.

in french, "un appareil photo hybride" is the way to say "a mirrorless camera"

That helps. Thank you.



Still, in the response

"Kazuto Yamaki: yes, Foveon sensors are mainly for photography."

I believe the word would be "purely" or "only" rather than "mainly", if there was no video-capabilities (and the translations are precise).

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