EOS R (not RP) Focus Bracketing?

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Re: EOS R (not RP) Focus Bracketing?

Hoka Hey wrote:

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Hoka Hey wrote:

Dracones wrote:

You can use the Canon's phone App "Camera Connect"

.. and use the MF adjusting buttons (the function in the orange square in the next screenshot). It works in fine to big increments of the focus. See the examples attached.

It's very intuitive.

This is exactly what I have done. It is easy and intuitive. I start in front of the target and end behind it using fine increments. Then delete the images that don’t have anything in focus in ACR or LR. Load all into PS as layers. Then, auto align. Then auto blend.

Works great!

Seems in some ways better than the automated. More certainty about focus increments and where you’re starting and ending. Albeit, more time consuming.

Right. You have more control this way than in camera. It isn’t much more time consuming to shoot but a little more labor intensive. I think I shot 100 frames of extremely fine increments with the app in about a minute and a half. The processing has to be done on the computer for both the R and RP. So, the time in LR and PS will be about the same with the same number of images. I haven’t used DPP4, this might automate the process.

Here's guide from Canon for how to focus-stack in DDP. It contains beautiful examples.


The guide assumes that one has used the in-camera focus bracketing function of the RP, 90D or M6ii to generate the raw pictures. I will try whether it also works when the bracketing was done via the app.

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