Your experience trading in used equip to B&H/Adorama

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Re: Your experience trading in used equip to B&H/Adorama

ericbowles wrote:

This is a new post to an old thread.

I think $800-900 was an unrealistic expectation.

The Fuji Xt100F is selling for $800 in LN condition. That's $450-500 at best.

The battery, case and most other items have zero value for most corporate buyers.

Filters have no value

$30 lenses have no real value.

I'd say $550 is in the ballpark. Send the gear to KEH and B&H and see if you get anything different. My guess is the quotes will be within $25-50 of your quote. And in 30 days you could see the price drop another $50.

Gear does not get better with time. I just sold a lens directly for $225 that cost me $625 three years ago and had only been used twice. If you can't sell it fast on eBay or other normal channels, it's a good idea to just get rid of it through one of these dealers.

I hear ya.. Half my conniption is it was 2.5 weeks between intial quote over the phone, and real valuation. In that time the used price at Adorama went down from 9oo, to 750, hence my loss. It's the over saturated marked I suppose.

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