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What garbage processing... can't you use another camera app to shot the same tree to see how different, and better, the processing can be?

These are good suggestions. I do have better cameras and lenses to shoot the tree with. I will try that if the sun comes out of the clouds today. I will use my EOS 5D Mk14 and my EOS R with lenses set for the same field of view. I will retake the S20 Ultra photos as well.

First i will show the two less common camera outputs. The following image is a 108 megapixel (12000x9000) (39.7 MB in size) JPEG image using with the jpg processing done within the smartphone camera app. The large file size makes this format troublesome in handling.

12000x9000 JPEG File made in the Samsung S20 Ultra

Next is another shot as using 4000x3000 raw ouyput files of the Samsung S20 Ultra. The raw image was created as a DNG file, then exported and moved to my computer where the DNG file was opened and converted to JPEG using 100% quality Jpeg settings:

The Samsung 20 Ultra raw image 4000x3000 in size made by a 3x3 binning of the 108 mp sensor with the Samsung S20 Ultra hardware circuitry and then stored in DNG format.

The next image is from a Canon EOS R mirrorless camera with a RF 24-70mmf2.8 IS USM zoom lens

Picture  from a Canon EOS R mirrorless camera with a RF 24-70mmf2.8 IS USM zoom lens

The last image is from a EOS 5D MK IV DSLR using a EF24mmf1.4L II ISM USM lens

Using Canon EOS 5D MK IV DSLR with  a EF24mmf1.4L II ISM USM l prime lens

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