Nikon Z Lenses & Canon RF

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Re: Nikon Z is new Sigma Art

Sacred wrote:

If that was the case then pancake lenses wouldn't be on the roadmap. I believe that in time Nikon will cover every single combination of focals and price points. They had to start somewhere. But the question remains, how would half the size 50/1.2 compare to this beast that they announced? Maybe the difference is not that big, maybe it's bigger than some would want to believe. And it remains to be seen how would Sony 20/1.8 G compare to Nikon 20/1.8 S I'm very interested in that comparison. I like what Nikon has done so far with lenses and I too enjoy those that I have.

I didn't say that compact lenses are not demanded. I said that, I guess, cheap lenses that sacrifice performance for price don't make much sense (or profit rather) to produce at this period of time. I expect this compact primes will still cost about $400-500, which is not cheap, assuming they will be f/2.8. But they will be great optically as well.

As for 50/1.2 - Canon's RF 50/1.2 is huge and heavy too. I had a chance to hold it on several events and I don't think it's a lens I would go with even if I could afford it It's just beyond reasonable.

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