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Re: Nikon Z is new Sigma Art

Sacred wrote:

I was shocked today when I saw the size of 50/1.2 S lens. Nikon aims for maximum image quality they can get out of this new mount at the expanse of size, weight and cost. This goes for both f/1.8 and f/1.2 primes. I see that zoom lenses are somewhat smaller. Well, this is not how I imagined this would turn out. With bigger mount and more flexibility in lens design one could expect new lenses to be same size as F lenses but optically better, optically about the same but smaller size and Nikon is pushing third option to make even bigger and even better lenses. This is all fine when the biggest 50/1.8 lens they could make is that size, but 50/1.2 is insanely big. Maybe those who will own this lens are fine with it's physical properties but I'd very much like optically inferior lens in smaller package. Not everyone prints big and sometimes it's more about the effect and look than absolute sharpness. If Nikon would remake their AI lenses for Z mount that would be fun. Adapter just gets in the way and kills all the benefits of smaller camera.

If you follow photography news, you might have noticed that industry is falling down. And the only sector of it that's profitable is "premium". Basically, to stay alive in photo business, you have to produce premium, elite products, and while they don't sell as impressive in quantities as some amateur-class APS-C DSLRs, they have more added value and profitable. In other words, it's more profitable to sell 1 Z7 than 100 D5600s. Numbers are made up, just as example.

Same approach goes for lenses. Cheap plastic fantastic 50mm won't bring enough profit and makes no real sense to produce today. While bigger, heavier (reasonable, though) and extremely good optically 50S will sell very well and is indeed a profitable product.

I like this way, actually. Those who wants cheap lenses, can always buy F-mount 50G or 85G. Still very good, but not as good as S line. Do you need "that good"? Depends on you. I, personally, like all this new stuff, new tech and new lenses. And while I could be ok with older G series lenses with FTZ adapter, I decided to get S trio. Just because why not Even if it's GAS. Would there be similar GAS if there were Z-mount copies of 50G and 85G? I really don't know. Not as much I would say. And since all that worked on me, I guess it worked on many others. So, Nikon made a right decision in their production strategy. I realize that $650 for 50/1.8 is a lot of money. Especially after $150 for 50G. But Iwantedthat lens And I think that calling out this felling in customer is a main goal for any business.

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