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BISCUT wrote:

The title isn't a Z v RF for a reason. Not the intention of my question. I'm lucky enough to have some great Z lenses (never owned anything Canon). I try and watch and read as much as I can.

I've seen guys like Polin (yes clickbait; but he's also a hell of a photographer) say the RF lenses are just the absolute bomb....and other review show them at top glass but also report weakness in the edges. Why such disparity among what should all be legit pros? I realize a lot of opinion.

My real questions is....

Is there something in my Z 50 1.8 or Z 85 1.8 or 24-70 2.8 that than makes them perform on par with the RF 1.4 lenses? Again, not meant to be a versus question. Just seems that a few of the S lenses at 1.8 deliver images on par with the RF 1.4's. This is merely conjecture and me wanting to hear other opinions. Nothing scientific.

Canon and Nikon took very different approaches to their initial mirrorless lens offerings.

Canon chose to go with large aperture lenses of the sort we're all used to with DSLR's--i.e., larger, heavier and more expensive, but optically superb. In short, Canon wasn't interested in minimizing size or weight--just maximizing optical quality.

Nikon, OTOH, recognized that the Z6 and Z7 are substantially smaller and lighter than DSLRs, and chose to come up with range of lenses that are likewise smaller and lighter than typical DSLR lenses, and also less expensive. These initial offerings tend to be f/1.8 versus f/1.4, but still provide outstanding image quality.

It's up to you which approach you prefer. As for me, I much prefer the smaller/lighter approach, which is why I bought a Z7 with the kit 24-70, despite having been a Canon shooter for years.

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