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BISCUT wrote:

Is there something in my Z 50 1.8 or Z 85 1.8 or 24-70 2.8 that than makes them perform on par with the RF 1.4 lenses? Again, not meant to be a versus question. Just seems that a few of the S lenses at 1.8 deliver images on par with the RF 1.4's.

The Canon RF lenses have no f/1.4 , only 3 have f/1.2 and a there is a f/1.8 macro.  If you see 1.4 lenses on a R camera they are adapted. There are also 2 Canon 24-70 lenses f/2.8 and f/2.

The RF cameras  are not at par with the Nikon Z on this moment.

So the L line prime lenses are better that what Nikon have now,  at a price point with is not pretty for the most persons. And Nikon have now better cameras.

But if I look to 2024, Nikon and Canon will have both a f/1.2 and a f/1.8 line primes and they will have both cameras at par.  And both lenses for everybody.

I have choice for Nikon in 1979 and will not chance to Canon. I think the line Nikon had chosen is better than Canon. I also think in 2024 Canon and Nikon have both a excellent range of ML cameras and lenses.

For me if you in the Nikon system, stay with Nikon and the same I can say for Canon.

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