Sony A7III vs Fujifilm X-T3

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Re: Sony A7III vs Fujifilm X-T3

intongnito wrote:

TBKB wrote:

I have been using an X-T3 for the last 6 months after switching from Sony which I used for about a year, prior to this I had used Nikon’s for about 10 years.

I switched from Nikon as I wanted to reduce the size and weight , I switched to Fuji as really couldnt get on with the controls/menu system of the Sony, I am now seriously considering switching back to Nikon and getting a Z6. Although I like the more dial orientated controls of the Fuji I feel the Nikon control/menu system is a better real world system for todays cameras. The Z6 wasn’t available when I originally moved away from Nikon.

Am a bit surprised you want to switch from FF to APS-C particularly as you do a lot of landscape.

Before I took the sony, i've used the Canon 80D and canon 6D mkII. The menu system of the sony for me personally is a total mess. I didn't really get the chance to play around with the menu of the Fuji but to me it seemed more user friendly.

How much menu diving do you need to do?

As for the switch form FF to APS-C the reason is as follows:

Sony lenses are hella expensive, and if i were to sell the gear I currently own for the sony, i would be able to afford one additional lens which would cover the mid focal length. Recalculating the focal length of the 3 lenses for fuji to FF format, I would cover something from aprox. 16mm-200mm completely, while with the sony I'm actually missing 35-70mm. (I was thinking of getting the 24-105mm before, but that's another 1k$ blown away)

But you are looking at a $1200 lens from Fuji. .......

US pricing

$1000 10-24

$1200 16-50

$1400 50-140

The price of the lenses is what's really bugging me, since I only do photography as a hobby, not for a living.

Just curious why you bought the over 2k 2.8 GM...........

You already have the telephoto And despite spending way too much on the UWA you probably won't get much money back selling it and buying the f4 or Sigma or Tamron which are all price competitive

For a normal range zoom you have the 24-70 f4, Sigma 24-70 2.8 , Tamron 28-75 2.8 , or the 24-105 all of which are price competitive

From my POV, IF the IQ of the Fuji isn't total garbage,

It isn't at all. It would be a modest step backwards. You can download full files from their studio scene to compare

then making the switch shouldn't be such a huge deal right? Or am I missing some points I wonder...

I dunno.....sometimes the grass is greener on the other side and sometimes it isn't. If you are a hobbyists and the Fuji brought you joy that the Sony doesn't then jump in

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