50mm 1.4G vs 58mm 1.4G

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Re: 58mm 1.4G is magic

Others in this thread have highlighted the very perceptible but hard to quantify advantages of the 58mm.

i use the 58mm as my preferred intimate portrait lens of all times. By "intimate", I mean close proximity with the model. For example, across a table, or, indoors, in average compact european size living quarters, etc.
What this lens provides in spades, mainly wide open and up to around f/2.8 is the most gentle transition from focused to out of focus areas (maintaining contrast where needed), and beautifully creamy low contrast bokeh beyond that, with impeccable treatment of complex patterned backgrounds.
It avoids the binary "all or nothing" feel that you get with other lenses and their razor edged plane of focus borderline. It behaves very well against the light and, at night, it avoids ugly coma on light points. It is not immune to a bit of fringing wide open in backlight situations, but rather less than other 50mm lenses.
It is also an easy lens to carry around. Only downside: minimum focus distance can be a bit long for some non-portrait photo opportunities.

An example here, completely informal, shot wide open at a café terrace, showcasing what this lens does best

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