Perhaps the lens is sharper than we thought??

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Re: Using Images Downsample to small 'NOT SO useless' as to IQ

ANAYV wrote:

Jon_T wrote:

My first reply and 'main point' of my reply was to the 'topic' of your OP:

"Perhaps the lens is sharper than we thought??"
... and that using images 'resampled' down to small size (29% of original size) really cannot be used to determine a camera's IQ due to being 'resampled' the image is a
'completely new digitally created image'.

My opinion might also be of use, no?

My replies have nothing to do with having a opinion, its all about the 'facts' that one cannot use a image that's been downsampled to a small resolution to determine a camera/ lens image quality as with image in your OP:

I think there's plenty of details in these perhaps the sensor is really the main issue with this camera. ...

Lookup and do some reading for yourself on what resampling does to a image.

I knew that. But still many can see differences.

Did you see the difference in the two same images I posted?

Yes, but a image downsampled to smaller size, the downsampled smaller size image will "look" better. Just as the sample full sized/ downsized images I posted.

As to 'others' seeing difference, some are aware (e.g., Sherman's post) you really cannot correctly make a IQ judgement from image downsampled to small size.

Opinions are fine, but they are only as good as the facts they're based upon.

Others can chime in and mention other things I didn't comment on.

They already have in past posts on FZ80; axlotl (Camera Ergonomics), Avian2016,
New Raj, Sherman Levine, Stevie Boy Blue, etc.

I meant here, on this thread....not about the past.

Again I'm referencing the "FZ80's" IQ. They were using the SAME FZ80 camera as you are now.

Downsampling images to small size nothing new.

Neither is underexposure of images and correcting image exposure with PP. I did the equivalent procedures with shooting/ developing film years ago.

We each use our cameras for different purposes/ goals.

Needless to say we both have are own experiences, preferences, and opinions. Hence the importance when discussing camera/ lens IQ, to discuss camera/ lens "actual" OOC image IQ.


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