Nikon Z Lenses & Canon RF

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Re: Nikon Z Lenses & Canon RF

forpetessake wrote:

I've used RF 35/1.8 and 24-105/4 before I bought Nikon. I was not impressed with those RF lenses, the new Nikon 35/1.8 and 24-70/4 are definitely better in many respects.

The reason many youtube talking heads are so impressed with RF lenses is because many of them are fast, like those f/1.2, 28-70/2, etc. Those lenses are not really attractive to me, they are too big and expensive. I would like Nikon to continue making same high quality lenses rather than those monsters the youtube crowd is salivating for.

May I ask what was wrong with the Canon 24-105, and what made the Nikon 24-70 better for you?

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