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Re: Nikon Z Lenses & Canon RF

BISCUT wrote:

The title isn't a Z v RF for a reason. Not the intention of my question. I'm lucky enough to have some great Z lenses (never owned anything Canon). I try and watch and read as much as I can.

I've seen guys like Polin (yes clickbait; but he's also a hell of a photographer) say the RF lenses are just the absolute bomb....and other review show them at top glass but also report weakness in the edges. Why such disparity among what should all be legit pros? I realize a lot of opinion.

My real questions is....

Is there something in my Z 50 1.8 or Z 85 1.8 or 24-70 2.8 that than makes them perform on par with the RF 1.4 lenses? Again, not meant to be a versus question. Just seems that a few of the S lenses at 1.8 deliver images on par with the RF 1.4's. This is merely conjecture and me wanting to hear other opinions. Nothing scientific.

Well I think you are asking for a comparison vs Z and RF lenses, even if you say you don't.

I shoot with Z lenses and has no RF. My take is that RF lenses are generally better and has a better selection, but I don't like the cameras.

I mainly think this because the RF lenses are typically:

  • higher end (1.2 vs 1.8 and probably better performing)
  • just a better design and/or selection, e.g. 70-200 is small size, 15-35 better range than 14-24, 24-105 better range than 24-70 F4 etc.
  • has extra functions (e.g. the ring)
  • Better built and more appealing

But more to your point: the specific lenses 50, 85, 24-70, both Nikon and Canon are great, and there is no way someone would be able to get any better results with either of the brands than the other. Maybe one is 2% sharper, but there is no way for a human to see that page.

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