Nikon Z Lenses & Canon RF

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Re: Nikon Z Lenses & Canon RF

I wouldn't take it too serious. They're bloggers and their work is to produce engaging content.

The reality is that almost all modern lenses from well-known brands are excellent. So, if you're into any modern mirrorless camera system, you have amazing lenses to choose from. The approach is different, however. Canon decided to release top lenses like 50/1.2 and 28-70/2 first while Nikon started with more mainstream f/1.8 S line. Are RFs good? They definitely are. Do they have flaws? Like any other lens, they do. For example, the one RF70-200/2.8 that dpreview had for their review has obvious decentering which can be seen in gallery and not that impressive in corners. But is it good in it's category? Sure, I guess. We've yet to see how Nikon's Z 70-200/2.8 will behave.

As for today, if you're choosing a FF MILC, I would say Nikon has a little advantage due to more reasonable approach. S line is really great and just good enough to work with both for amateurs and professionals. While with RF you'll have to either use adapted lenses or spend a really lot of money for RFs.

In the future we'll see same old rivalry where similar lenses are so close that there's no real difference and people will search for "Canon colors" or "Nikon sharpness" in them for years. Then there's L-mount with also great (and expensive) Panasonics. And there's brilliant Sony's G Master line. And Sigma constantly amazes everyone with their affordable but excellent lenses. Lot of choices and it seems that there's no wrong one.

And I'd rather stay away from saying that there's something special in S lenses. They're great modern products, just like they're supposed to be.

As for Jared - it seems that he's using "mock Nikon" card for last few moths to attract more attention and views. Provocative headers and content always collect more discussion.

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