Sony A7III vs Fujifilm X-T3

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Re: Sony A7III vs Fujifilm X-T3

TBKB wrote:

I have been using an X-T3 for the last 6 months after switching from Sony which I used for about a year, prior to this I had used Nikon’s for about 10 years.

I switched from Nikon as I wanted to reduce the size and weight , I switched to Fuji as really couldnt get on with the controls/menu system of the Sony, I am now seriously considering switching back to Nikon and getting a Z6. Although I like the more dial orientated controls of the Fuji I feel the Nikon control/menu system is a better real world system for todays cameras. The Z6 wasn’t available when I originally moved away from Nikon.

Am a bit surprised you want to switch from FF to APS-C particularly as you do a lot of landscape.

Before I took the sony, i've used the Canon 80D and canon 6D mkII. The menu system of the sony for me personally is a total mess. I didn't really get the chance to play around with the menu of the Fuji but to me it seemed more user friendly.

As for the switch form FF to APS-C the reason is as follows:

Sony lenses are hella expensive, and if i were to sell the gear I currently own for the sony, i would be able to afford one additional lens which would cover the mid focal length. Recalculating the focal length of the 3 lenses for fuji to FF format, I would cover something from aprox. 16mm-200mm completely, while with the sony I'm actually missing 35-70mm. (I was thinking of getting the 24-105mm before, but that's another 1k$ blown away)

The price of the lenses is what's really bugging me, since I only do photography as a hobby, not for a living.

From my POV, IF the IQ of the Fuji isn't total garbage, then making the switch shouldn't be such a huge deal right? Or am I missing some points I wonder...

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