Mix from the Everglades & Local Spot: BIFs & Birds (3/11/20)

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Mix from the Everglades & Local Spot: BIFs & Birds (3/11/20)

This post, I will wrap up a few more of the sunset shots from January 25th bringing that day and month to a close, and then post some shots taken at a different wetland spot than my usual one.  On February 2nd, I headed farther west to the Arthur Marshall Wildlife Refuge, which sits on the eastern edge of the Everglades...just to try to mix things up and look for a few different things I may not always see at my usual spot.

All shots taken with the A6600 and FE200-600mm G OSS combo, with the last BIF action around my local wetlands picking up where the last post left off, and then the Everglades where the birds are a little more shy, and you'll notice all my shots requiring either 600mm, or at least over 400mm for a few...long lenses and reach are a must in those Everglades spots which are much more wide open and have far fewer people visiting the birds, keeping them a little more shy and distant.

All shots posted at 1400 pixels on the long side if you click the originals:

Another of the sunset ibises coming in to land in that lovely yellow-orange glow

This tricolor heron was down in the shade out of direct sun, so had to crank up to ISO 2,500, but I liked his cool colors contrasting against the warmly lit trees in the background

A cooper's hawk, looking evil with that glowing orange eye and wings in tight for speed, as he came over the wetlands looking for any prey not paying attention

Finding nothing to attack, the cooper's flew off over the tree line and moved on to another spot for a last minute dinner

A lovely great egret coming in to land, catching some warm light and the backdrop of mostly leafless trees glowing in the last rays of the sun

A wood stork, high up in the sky and still catching the last of the sun, and casting his shadow on his own wing

And now on to February, and a cooler day out in the eastern Everglades...starting with this grey catbird sneaking through the marsh

This was exciting for me, even if the shot is mostly cluttered and blocked and in poor shadow - because it's a bird I hardly ever see and only shot a handful of times - the beautiful cedar waxwing.  They only seem to pass through our area for a week or so on their way through at migration, and I rarely seem to run into them

The pileated woodpeckers are much more common in the western wetlands than my local ones - this one was having a competition with a few other pileateds - all calling at each other and raising their head plumes to show who was bigger or stronger

High up and far away in the cypress marsh, this yellow-bellied sapsucker seemed to want to hide from the big and loud pileated woodpeckers

More of the pileated woodpecker - after two competing woodies left and this one had this tree all to himself again

The super-wee blue-grey gnatcatcher, peeking around this branch to see what I was up to as I approached out in the open grasslands - small clusters of trees will grow on thin islands in the glades, and the birds will flock to them as they pass through

This blue-headed vireo seemed determined to stay 4 branches away from me, and force me to shoot up into the sun - knowing I was farther away and half-blinded I guess made him feel safer as he never flew away, just kept repositioning to keep the gap between us

High above, a red-shouldered hawk was circling around in the clear sky - probably keeping an eye on me, figuring I might flush out other small prey as I walked along and he could swoop down and snatch it

One more pass, looking left and right but not down at me

Comments, questions, and critique welcomed as always!

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